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Building Projects UK has many years’ experience working in high-care and controlled environments for blue-chip companies, public-sector organisations, public-private partnerships and private enterprise.

We operate specialist project groups that combine technical expertise with the practical experience needed to deliver a complete package for the design, installation, commissioning and validation of your sophisticated high-care controlled environment. Additionally, we offer refurbishment and fit-out services and work to the highest professional standards on every project we undertake.

Building Projects UK is different to many cleanroom and high-care environment construction companies because we have in-house expertise in all product selection, construction and finishing details in line with the required cleanroom classification. We have a 12-year relationship with our M&E design partners, who work closely with us to ensure a successful cleanroom construction.

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Design & Planning

Our clients are experts in their fields - we are experts in ours.

Delivering a successful project in a high-care controlled environment, whatever its use, relies on competent planning. Our approach is thorough and professional from beginning to end. From obtaining outline planning permission and building regulation approval through to finishing schedules, we offer a complete design and planning service tailored to your requirements - enabling you to concentrate on your business.

Working with you, we’ll create a realistic construction schedule and ensure all critical dates are met and milestones achieved. This will mean you can maintain your own targets and objectives, which is critical in today’s market.

To make things straightforward we’ll also provide a single point of contact responsible for giving you all the support and information you need to make informed decisions at every stage in the process. For your peace of mind we will never be more than a telephone call away.

For further information or to arrange a free initial consultation, please call 01457 861702 or email info@buildingprojectsuk.com.

Cleanroom Construction

Building Projects UK aims to provide the highest possible standards of finish on every cleanroom construction project. Our detailed construction programme ensures constant communication to enable a safe, contamination-free project, delivered on time and to the very highest standards. We have exceptional communication abilities, ensuring the success of every project.

We partner with a large specialist M&E design and installation company and work closely with them to provide the best results. Our multi-disciplinary team offers a variety of services including construction management, subcontractor appointment, quality control and materials, maintaining strict health-and-safety controls throughout. We fully understand the importance of the right product selection to comply with classification requirements. We have also developed our own High Care Environment Charter that sets out our commitment to providing high-care construction services of the highest quality to the strictest safety standards.

Take a look at some of our case studies for many examples of how we undertake cleanroom construction.

To find out more about our high-care construction services, please call 01457 861702 or email info@buildingprojectsuk.com.

Building Projects UK

Building Projects UK